About Me


Life with clay

I trained in Ceramic Art (BFA, MFA from Hongik University, Seoul, and MFA from University of Wales Institute Cardiff, UK). I had various experience of exhibitions and teaching, including winning the grand prize in the 12th Seoul Contemporary Ceramic Competition. Before I moved to Livingston, New Jersey in 2017, I have lived in many places such as Seoul, Cardiff, London (UK and Canada), Urbana IL and Newtown CT. Now I am settled down in Livingston, New Jersey with my husband and two sons.

I had been passionate to creat ceramic sculptures for many years during 1988 through 2005. During that time, I tried to visualize the contrast and harmony of conflicting characteristics of clay – hard and soft, geometric and organic form, fullness and emptiness. However, after spending 9 years as a full time mom with active and curious two boys, I found myself that more interested in functional ceramics and the art based on life. Taking from my Korean background, I have been fascinated experimenting to traditional Korean slip work (Inlaid Sanggam technique) with free hand carving lines by using the carving tool as I draw calligraphics. Now I am having great time to creat functional pottery in my studio with the concept of positive and negative lines (Yin and Yang) by applying slips. I am finishing my works by using the glaze that I made with my own recipes that infuses a natural looking and firing them in my studio.

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